Arlene M. Jullie

In 1982, Arlene Jullie created a company based on two related personal interests: her love of teaching, and her commitment that language cease to be a barrier between people of different cultures. Today, that company, International Language Services, Inc. ( continues to grow and evolve based on her commitments.

Born and raised in Brazil of American parents, Ms. Jullie studied and taught in Europe and the USA for several years before settling in Minneapolis. With an undergraduate degree in Spanish and French, a Master’s degree in French Literature, and credits toward a PhD in Spanish and Portuguese – plus an acquired fluency in five languages – a language business was a natural choice for Arlene’s career direction.

She founded International Language Services, Inc. with the goal of providing foreign language classes for the general public, and, eventually, for corporate executives. By 1987, the company had moved beyond instruction, focusing its services instead on professional translation for corporations.

Arlene has continued her love of teaching by writing the Demystifying® language books and other language accessories™️. Arlene is a founding member of the Association of Language Companies. She continues to teach Spanish, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese to adults through her second company, Demystifying®, Inc. (

Ms. Jullie maintains an active role in both of her companies, International Language Services, Inc., a full-service translation company in Minneapolis, Minnesota, specializing in translations for the medical and manufacturing industries; and Demystifying®, Inc., focusing on language instruction and educational materials.

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Arlene M. Jullie
President / Owner
International Language Services, Inc.
Demystifying®, Inc.

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