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Audio SymbolDemystifying® Guided Relaxations
Learn As You Go: An Eight-Day Adventure.

(Guided Relaxations in Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and German)

This series will allow the listener to learn useful vocabulary and phrases which are needed while on a typical eight-day vacation in a foreign country. Each of the eight 15 to 30-minute guided relaxations is presented first in English, alternating with key terms in the target language. The entire text is read a second time at the end, using only the target language, for complete comprehension. The background music used enhances learning and activates the right hemisphere of the brain, for long-term retention. Each day’s imaginary adventure has a written text that can be followed. Ideally, the series should be listened to with eyes closed in a relaxed setting. These audio adventures are ideal for beginners as a learning tool, and can also be used by people who already know the language and wish to review travel vocabulary and re-tune their ear to the target language. This innovative series can also be used as a relaxation / stress-reliever, with the same benefits as meditation.

Course materials include (for each language):

• A 60 page PDF booklet (printable)
• Approximately 3.5 hours of audio in English & the target
• Approximately 2.7 hours of audio in the target language only
   (Includes: PDF booklet, MP3 audio download)

Spanish Guided Relaxations

Audio Sample (Spanish/English Day 2 Page 5):  (view text)

Audio Sample (Spanish Only Day 2 Page 36):  (view text)

Price: $60 per language (PDF booklet, MP3 audio download)

• Spanish

• Italian

• French

• German

• Brazilian Portuguese


Audio SymbolEasy Learn Language CD Program

(Spanish, French, and German-all in one)

EasyLearn CD's are the ideal way to be introduced to a new language. There is no easier and more economical way to begin learning a language than with EasyLearn Language Tapes.

Each langage includes two EasyLearn CD's and a binder containing the text, vocabulary, and special questions to review the new material. You’ll experience fun and exciting adventures in exotic foreign locations while learning a language. Instead of trying to memorize the language, you’ll experience it much as you learned English (or your native language) as a child. With these twelve 10-minute relaxations, you can learn 600-800 words in a very short time. A set consists of two CD's for each language, a total of six CD's. An added bonus is a CD which will help you learn a language more easily, by Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies Corporation.

Price: $88 (receive a special discount price on the Accelerated Learning CD Program, listed below, when purchased with the Easy Learn CD Program). Includes tax, shipping and handling within the United States and Canada. $88 EasyLearn ONLY - $295 Package

$88 EasyLearn

French and Spanish was designed and recorded by Arlene M. Jullie.

German was designed and recorded by Helga Boege

Audio SymbolAccelerated Learning CD Program

(Spanish, French, German, Italian)

These CD's will give you a complete course from start to finish. You will achieve conversational competence in a new language in as few as 72 hours! A revolutionary way to learn a language on your own, based on studies of photographic memory by leading psychologists. Endorsed by UNESCO and already used by major corporations, Accelerated Learning has been described by Psychology Magazine as "the key to the 21st century." These twelve lessons, which include books, games, and support materials, cover at least 2000 words. That equals the full vocabulary range laid down by the Council of Europe for social and business purposes. With this CD program, you will learn the equivalent of the material studied in the first one and one half to two years of high school or college.

Course CD's include (for each language):

• A 200-page book with a 12-act radio drama play as your text
• Full explanation on how to use the self-study program
• Twelve CD's with music and voice for faster learning
• Games and support materials

Price: $250 for each language (Includes tax, shipping and handling within the United States and Canada)



Guided Relax





















Easy Learn Language CD's












French Learning CD

German Learning CD

Italian Learning CD